Angry Reviewer

The Angry Reviewer is a free and open-source project. These algorithms were gathered and implemented by Roman Anufriev based on articles, books, and lectures on scientific writing as well as his experience in academia.


There are offline plugins for Vim and LibreOffice. Plugins for other platforms are in development. If you know how to develop plugins for Word or web browsers, your help would be highly appreciated!


This website does not save or store your text, as you can verify in the source code. If you still worry about privacy, you can use offline plugins above or just download the python code, and run the flask app locally on your computer.


For suggestions and issues regarding the algorithm, feel free to open an issue on GitHub. If you wish to discuss this website or some of the rules, you can find current contacts of the author with the link below.



I am not a professional developer and work on open-source projects in my free time. If you'd like to support the development, consider donations via buybeacoffee or cryptocurrencies: